Measurement and Control of Sinter Bed Permeability

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Oral Presentation Process simulation and modelling


Dr Debanik Mitra (Tata Steel Limited)


Importance of air flow through the sinter bed has been a challenge to sinter makers for a long time. This is widely used as a measure of permeability of sinter bed. Measurement of sinter bed permeability was attempted by many in the past, but without much success. The authors have developed a novel technique to measure it successfully and reliably. Based on a novel concept the device has been developed and implemented at SP1, Jamshedpur. The online measurement of permeability has then been optimized with controllable parameters in sinter process. This has resulted in a productivity increase by 4% with a reduction in power rate by 6% at this sinter plant. In sinter plant scenario worldwide, this method promises higher productivity with usage of more inferior grades of iron ores. This method may attract equally encouraging applications in other process plants, such as DRI plant, Pellet Plant and so on. The paper will describe the novel technique and its use in sinter plant.
Speaker Country INDIA

Primary author

Dr Debanik Mitra (Tata Steel Limited)


Mr Ashish Mukherjee (Tata Steel Limited) Dr Tathagata Roy (Tata Steel Limited)

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