Slag flow and holdup in the coke bed under H2-enriched environment

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Oral Presentation New technologies under research and development with a promise to change the future (H2 based, in-bath technologies etc.)


Prof. Joonho Lee (Korea University)


As global warming became a serious social issue, the steel industry has become a social obligation to reduce carbon dioxide emission. In South Korea, the utilization of In-House H2 gas as a reducing agent in BF operation has been considered one of the promising solutions (COOLSTAR). With increasing H2 gas utilization rate, it is expected that the coke consumption rate as fuel and reductant decreases. On the other hand, due to decreased coke consumption rate, the thickness of the iron ore layer in BF would increase, while the thickness of the coke layer is constant. Consequently, larger amount of slag can be holdup in the coke bed to Impede stable BF operation. Oh and Lee recently found that SiC whisker was formed on the surface of carbon under H2-enriched environment. The SiC whisker formation may affect the slag flow pattern and the slag holdup in the coke bed. Therefore, in the present study, the static and dynamic holdups of liquid slag flow in a packed coke bed with partially coated with SiC were investigated at a temperature of 1723 K by using the three-dimensional combined discrete element method and a computational fluid dynamics model. The simulation results bring about new insight to H2-enriched BF operation.
Speaker Country Republic of Korea

Primary author

Prof. Joonho Lee (Korea University)


Mr Degefa Geleta Dereje (Korea University) Dr Joonseok Oh (Hyundai Steel) Mr Mintae Kim (Korea University)

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