Sustainable production of low carbon, renewable fuels by fermenting industrial process gasses from the iron and steel industry

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Oral Presentation New technologies under research and development with a promise to change the future (H2 based, in-bath technologies etc.)


Dr Wim VAN DER STRICHT (ArcelorMittal)


Technological solutions, to utilize process gases from the iron and steel industry for production of fuels and chemicals, are an attractive sustainable and economic approach for industries today. This innovative approach converts carbon and hydrogen-rich off-gases, such as coke oven gas, blast furnace top gas and also converter gas into liquid based energy sources through a biological gas fermentation process to produce preferably ethanol or other chemicals. To produce ethanol, an integrated fermentation system with additional downstream installations is required to treat the fermentation product and waste streams. The treatment of the fermentation waste streams results in a number of by-products, usable for internal or external applications. By returning the by-products to an integrated steel plant or recovering the inherent energy, the fermentation system can be operated in circular system, with minimal waste. The first European commercial scale application of this technology is being developed at the ArcelorMittal steel plant in Ghent with the objective of producing 80 million liters of ethanol per year to be used as renewable transport fuel in a first stage, and as chemical building block on the longer term. We will present the latest developments in the construction of the plant and potential GHG reductions in the steel sector.
Speaker Country Belgium

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Dr Wim VAN DER STRICHT (ArcelorMittal)


Dr Alexander Fleischanderl (Primetal Technologies) Mr Carl De Mare (ArcelorMittal) Dr Prabhakar Nair (Lanzatech) Tobias Plattner (Primetals)

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