Coal-based direct reduction behavior of three kinds of typical vanadic titanomagnetite pellets

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Oral Presentation Raw materials for DRI and Alternative Ironmaking


Dr Jian Pan (Central South Univsrsity)


Vanadic titanomagnetite, as a kind of polymetallic symbiosis iron ore, is widely distributed all over the world which has high comprehensive utilization value. Coal-based direct reduction pellets can provide high-quality raw materials for electric furnace smelting. In this paper, the coal-based direct reduction behavior and mechanism of oxidized pellets prepared from imported V-Ti magnetite (IP), two kinds of domestic V-Ti magnetite (PZH and PZHM) were studied. The results show that the swelling rates of three kinds of pellet increased first and then decreased with prolonging reduction duration. The compressive strength of IP reduced pellets presented “V” pattern change. However, the compressive strength of the other two kinds of reduced pellets gradually decreased. The structure of IP pellet reduction products is complete with smooth surface, and there is no bond between pellet. PZH pellet produced "popcorn" structure and even cracked into fragments, with seriously bonding between pellet. The crack morphology of PZHM pellet was between IP pellet and PZH pellet. The main phases in the three reduced pellets are metallic iron, hercynite and almandite, calcium-bearing wustite, iron, calcium-iron pyroxene and anorthite, iron and anosovite, respectively.
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Dr Jian Pan (Central South Univsrsity)


Dr Congcong Yang (Central South Univsrsity) Dr Deqing Zhu (Central South Univsrsity) Dr Yue Shi (Central South Univsrsity) Dr Zhengqi Guo (Central South Univsrsity)

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