Progress of non-blast furnace iron-making technologies in China

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Oral Presentation Process operations in coal based smelting reduction processes (COREX, FINEX etc.)


Prof. Chenguang Bai (Chongqing University) Prof. Shengfu Zhang (Chongqing University)


Non-blast furnace iron-making technology is one of the advanced emerging routes for the development of iron and steel industry. At present time, although the conventional blast furnace process is still the dominant route for the pig iron production in China, but it is also facing the unprecedented pressure of environmental protection, energy conservation, and shortage of raw materials. The different of non-blast furnace iron-making processes have been developed continuously in China for recent years since the society is encouraging the industry to become more green and environmental friendly. Up to now, there are at least two kinds of non-blast furnace iron-making technologies, e.g. Corex and HIsmelt, that have been industrialized successfully and operated well. Additionally, the flash iron-making process, in which the iron ore concentrate is flash reduced by gaseous reductants at temperature above 1423 K, has attracted extensive attentions from the scientists and industry. Obviously, the rapid development of non-blast furnace iron-making processes can help the iron and steel industry to realize the low carbon economy and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. However there should be a lot of difficulties for its further development. This presentation is just focused on the technique process, equipment innovation, and operation situation of some typical non-blast furnace iron-making technologies in China. Furthermore, a comprehensive comparison of these processes with the conventional blast furnace iron-making was carried out, which can help to further predict the development tendency of these processes.
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Primary author

Prof. Chenguang Bai (Chongqing University)


Prof. Liangying Wen (Chongqing University) Prof. Shengfu Zhang (Chongqing University) Dr Wenzhou Yu (Chongqing University) Dr Zhixiong You (Chongqing University)

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