Deactivation of Direct Reduced Iron Using Organic Coating Agents

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Oral Presentation Process operations in gas based direct reduction technologies (MIDREX, HYL etc.)


Mr Mohammed Alzayer (HADEED SABIC)


One of the challenges faced by steel producers employing direct reduction technology is the deterioration of DRI metallization before being charged into the electric arc furnace (EAF) negatively affecting the metallic yield of produced heats. The present study considers organic materials that might have the ability to “deactivate” DRI if used as coating agents. These include silicone oil, glycerin, and mineral oil. Each of these materials was evaluated for suitability in terms of chemical and physical properties that might affect the performance and safety when used as DRI coating agents. Parameters affecting oxidizing behavior were varied, including concentration, temperature, and exposure time. Metallization and chemical composition of the coated and uncoated samples were monitored in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the coating agents. With a slight variation of effectiveness among the different materials, the results proved that such materials have a positive effect if used at high concentration and if DRI faced more severe oxidizing conditions.
Speaker Country Saudi Arabia

Primary author

Mr Mohammed Alzayer (HADEED SABIC)


Mr Abdulrahman Alharbi (HADEED SABIC) Prof. Mohamed Ahmed (SABIC)

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