COURSE50: Innovative ironmaking process project using hydrogen

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Oral Presentation New technologies under research and development with a promise to change the future (H2 based, in-bath technologies etc.)


Dr Koji Saito (Nippon Steel Corporation)


Since 2008,four Japanese blast furnace steelmakers and one engineering company have been working on an innovative ironmaking process using hydrogen. The main research activities of the project consist of two parts. One is the development of hydrogen utilization technology for iron ore reduction using coke oven gas that contains a large amount of hydrogen. The other is the development of CO2 capture technology from blast furnace gas with energy saving. By using these major technologies, the project aims to cut CO2 emissions from steelworks by 30%. The project has successfully completed STEP1(2008-2012), the development of basic technologies and STEP2(2013-2017), the development of comprehensive technologies. As a result, the carbon consumption in the blast furnace was reduced by 10% by the developed reaction-controlling technology. We also developed high-performance chemical absorption and physical adsorption methods to reduce 20% of CO2 emitted from steel works.
Speaker Country JAPAN

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Dr Koji Saito (Nippon Steel Corporation)

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