Rising and Failure of Gas Based Direct Reduction Processes

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Oral Presentation Process operations in gas based direct reduction technologies (MIDREX, HYL etc.)


Dr Yakov Gordon (Technical Dkirector, Ironmaking, Hatch)


Beginning of development of gas based direct reduction processes goes back to the end of 19 century. The first industrial application was Wiberg-Soderfors DRI shaft furnace process. The history of development and implementation of various gas based direct reduction processes was studied. The strength and week features of this processes were evaluated. It was shown that economics of the direct reduction process depends on cost of raw material and reducing agent, reliability of equipment and strict application of direct reduction principles. Deviation from these main principles leads to the failure of the new DRI technologies. Results of evaluation allowed to show, why Midrex and HYL are the only successful DRI gas-based processes, while other lost their competitive position and stop operation.
Speaker Country Canada

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Dr Yakov Gordon (Technical Dkirector, Ironmaking, Hatch)

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