70% improvement and more – How LIBS technology enables a new level of CO2 reduction and resource effectiveness in steel making

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Oral Presentation Iron ore production and processing


Mr Schlemminger Alexander (Secopta analytics GmbH)


Higher demands for resource and process efficiency have led to increasing requirements on slag making and analysis. But today's technology to homogenize and analyse slag samples takes 7 minutes at the very minimum. With LIBS up to 1000 measurements per second instantaneous slag analysis becomes possible. This presentation displays how LIBS based slag analysis systems not only analyze slags without sample preparation in less than 2 minutes, but also enlarges the scope of operation. The analysis of Flourine, Chromium and other trace elements or the evaluation of other parameters like homogeneity and automatic counting of metallic Fe-particles.
Speaker Country Germany

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Mr Schlemminger Alexander (Secopta analytics GmbH)

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