Carbon-neutral Steelmaking: pathway for DRI

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Oral Presentation CO2 Reduction and environmental aspects in the DRI industry


Mr John Atherton (International Iron Metallics Association)


Many steel industry roadmaps toward the very significant reduction of CO2 emissions required by the political agenda in many countries envisage the DRI/EAF system as a key component along the pathway to carbon neutrality in steelmaking. In this respect, IIMA is putting together a white paper on some key practical issues that need to be considered beyond the macro-level issues such as availability and cost of power and hydrogen. These include adequacy of raw material supply to support significant growth in DRI production, the value-in-use of DRI produced with hydrogen in EAF steelmaking and the impact of a reduced carbon footprint on EAF operations, as well as some longer term qualitative aspects of scrap supply. The presentation will share some of IIMA’s thoughts and concerns on such issues.
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Mr John Atherton (International Iron Metallics Association)

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