3-5 November 2021
Wirtschaftskammer Österreich
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Processing elemental powder blends with miniaturized process chamber designed for material development with laser powder bed fusion

4 Nov 2021, 11:10
Julius Raab Saal (Wirtschaftskammer Österreich)

Julius Raab Saal

Wirtschaftskammer Österreich

Wiedner Hauptstraße 63 1045 Wien, Österreich
Oral Presentation Powder for MAM POWDER FOR MAM


Andreas Vogelpoth (Fraunhofer Institut für Lasertechnik)


Most alloys used in laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) are conventional materials, which were designed for specific conventional processes and their constraints. These alloys are not capable to adapt to the special conditions in LPBF process e.g. the rapid solidification and cyclic heat treatments. Therefore, thermodynamic simulations are used to design new alloys for additive manufacturing (AM).
However, testing digitally developed alloys under real LPBF conditions generates great effort in powder manufacturing. To minimize these costs and reduce time for material development, Fraunhofer ILT has developed the miniaturized and modular process chamber “Petit”, which can be integrated into existing LPBF-systems. While the module uses the optical- and laser system of the existing LPBF machine, it allows the utilization of significantly reduced amounts of powder material (approx. 300 ml) to manufacture material samples from elemental powder blends. Furthermore, the transferability of the results to large processes is given.

Speaker Country Deutschland

Primary author

Jasmin Saewe (Fraunhofer Institut für Lasertechnik)

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