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Cyber-Physically controlled Smart Additive Manufacturing system (CPSAM)

3 Nov 2021, 11:45
Julius Raab Saal

Julius Raab Saal

Plenary Talk Plenary Talk


Prof. Nader Asnafi (Örebro University, School of Science & Technology) Prof. Suk-Hwan Suh (POSTECH, Research Center for Smart Factory)


This plenary presentation is focused on the coming manufacturing systems for metal additive manufacturing controlled cyber-physically. Cyber-Physically controlled Smart Additive Manufacturing system (CPSAM) is a smart additive manufacturing system for realizing Industry 4.0/Smart Manufacturing on the shop floor via cyber-physical control scheme. CPSAM is capable of
1) autonomous abnormality resolution via MAPE/BD (Monitoring, Analysis, Planning and Execution based on Big Data analytics and Digital twin),
2) coordination with the shop floor system, and
3) seamless interface with the life cycle aspects, hierarchy levels, and humans.
In other words, CPSAM is capable of intelligent and autonomous functions such as:
• dealing with abnormalities during machine operation,
• coordination with shop floor devices such as robots and material handling system,
• augmented interaction for human-robot collaborative tasks,
• collaboration with the shop floor control system for performance optimization (Key Performance Indicators, KPIs),
• interface with the life cycle aspects, CAx (Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Engineering (CAE), Manufacturing (CAM), and Quality assurance (CAQ), and Manufacturing Resource Planning (MPR II), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), etc.),
• interface with hierarchy levels, such as Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Supply Chain Management (SCM).
This plenary presentation will describe the above-mentioned and the possible and ongoing standardization which will set the industrial baseline shortly.

Keywords: Cyber-physical systems, Additive Manufacturing, Artificial intelligence, Sensor systems, Machine learning, Automated reasoning

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