25-27 April 2022
Conventum Conference Center
Europe/Vienna timezone

New wear and temperature resistant Co-based Metal Matrix Composites for tooling applications

27 Apr 2022, 15:00
Room 1

Room 1

Oral Presentation Wear resistance Wear Resistance


Dr Horst Hill (Deutsche Edelstahlwerke Specialty Steel GmbH & Co. KG)


The improvement of material properties for tool applications has always been an overriding development topic. To minimize wear, tool steels, special alloys based on nickel or cobalt and metal matrix composites (MMC) has been developed – either as molten or as powder metallurgical materials. In this study a new kind of material is described which combines the outstanding properties of CoCrW-alloys at high temperatures and the improved wear-resistance of MMCs incorporating additional hard phases in a matrix. A gas atomized powder of a carbide-rich matrix (Co = Balance, Cr = 28%, W = 4.5%, C=1%) is reinforced by titanium carbides (TiC, 10 ma.-% of total composition) and solidified by hot-isostatic pressing. The present study shows selected results on microstructure (e.g. SEM, EDX analyses), mechanical properties (e.g. hardness, bending fracture strength) as well as application examples.

MMC, Titanium carbide, tools, Co-base, wear resistance, powder metallurgy

Speaker Country Germany

Primary authors

Mr Philipp Kluge (Deutsche Edelstahlwerke Specialty Steel GmbH & Co. KG) Dr Horst Hill (Deutsche Edelstahlwerke Specialty Steel GmbH & Co. KG) Mr Enrico Prati (B.A. Bonomi Acciai S.r.l)

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