25-27 April 2022
Conventum Conference Center
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Influence mechanism of stress corrosion on 4Cr16MoCu plastic die steel

25 Apr 2022, 16:40
Room 1

Room 1

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Jiayuan Li (Shanghai University)


The stress immersion corrosion of 4Cr16Mo/4Cr16MoCu materials was studied to explore the effect of Cu on the corrosion resistance of 4Cr16Mo series materials. Under the same quenching and temperature, 4Cr16MoCu material has better stress corrosion resistance than the other Cu free material. Both materials will crack after soaking under stress, the greater the stress, the greater the risk of cracking. Due to the addition of Cu element, the corrosion resistance characteristics of the two materials are completely different at different tempering temperatures. For 4Cr16Mo samples, the corrosion resistance decreases with the increase of tempering temperature. However, for 4Cr16MoCu, the sample tempered at 600℃ has the best corrosion resistance due to the precipitation of Cu rich phase during high temperature tempering.
Fig. 1 Corrosion morphology of two different materials under different tempering temperature after 7 days

Speaker Country China

Primary authors

Jiayuan Li (Shanghai University) Xiaochun Wu (Shanghai University)

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