25-27 April 2022
Conventum Conference Center
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Catalysts and batteries recycling to produce ferro-alloys and high-speed steel

25 Apr 2022, 15:40
Room 1

Room 1

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Philippe Rocabois (Erasteel)


As most steelmakers, Erasteel is fully involved in decreasing its CO2 and environmental footprint. Erasteel already produces its high-speed steel using 90% recycled material and has the ambition to reach 100% in near future. The today’s remaining 10% are mainly metallic oxides (V2O5, MoO3) or ferro-alloys (FeW, FeCr, FeSi) and cobalt (Co). The total life assessment shows that producing from 100% recycled material will lead to reduce the CO2 emission by 96% compared to producing from metallic ores.
To be able to reach 90% recycled material ratio and in near future 100%, the high value metallic alloys can be sourced from spent catalysts, used batteries, metallic scrap, metallic oxides or carbides. Recycling catalysts containing Mo and Co elements leads to the production of Mo-Co ferro alloys that can be directly used as raw material in HSS as example M35 or M42.

The metals contained in the spent catalyst are recycled with specific equipment: sulfur is removed with a patented roaster, metals and minerals are separated by melting to obtain ferro-alloys, the last step is carried out with an AOD reactor in order to remove elements such as phosphorus while non-oxidizing Mo.
Other metals contained in the industrial waste can be recycled to produce raw materials for the metal industry. As example, the elements contained in the batteries: Ni, Mn and Zn can be separated with a specific process to produce ZnO rich powder, MnO rich slag and a ferro-nickel alloy with more than 20% of Nickel. This ferro-nickel alloy is a valuable raw material for stainless steel makers.

Speaker Country France

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Dr Jean-Pierre Dufour (Erasteel)


Philippe Rocabois (Erasteel) Mr Arnaud Dimet (Erasteel)

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