5-8 September 2022
Wyndham Grand Salzburg Conference Center
Europe/Vienna timezone

Characterization of Polymer Quenchants - Influence of Agitation

8 Sep 2022, 11:00
Room 1

Room 1

Oral Presentation Session in memoriam of Sören Segerberg HEAT TREATMENT


Donald MACKENZIE (Quaker Houghton Inc.)


Polymer quenchants are used extensively to quench a large variety of materials, in a variety of processes. Polymer quenchants can be used for immersion quenching of steel, aluminum, and other alloys, including super alloys. Spray quenching is commonly used for induction hardening. There are predominately four different types of polymer quenchants used in industry today.
To achieve consistent and uniform quenching, the quench rate must be controlled. The quench rate of a polymer is affected by concentration, temperature, and agitation. In this paper, the methods of evaluating the agitation of polymer quenchants will be illustrated and compared.

Speaker Country USA

Primary author

Donald MACKENZIE (Quaker Houghton Inc.)

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