5-8 September 2022
Wyndham Grand Salzburg Conference Center
Europe/Vienna timezone

Advanced developments in the field of liquid quenchants State of technique - New Requirements – Technical Perspectives

8 Sep 2022, 09:25
Room 1

Room 1

Oral Presentation Session in memoriam of Sören Segerberg HEAT TREATMENT


Rainer BRAUN (BU)


The quenching process and the quenching media in use are of great importance for the suc-cess of the heat treatment process. The quenchant and its heat transfer properties significant-ly influences the resulting mechanical properties and the dimensional change and intensity of distortion.

All current considerations in the field of quenchants are conducted with the objective of opti-mizing the overall costs for the heat treatment process and minimizing rework and scrap. Therefore, new requirements are being formulated for the quenchants in use with regard to a better uniformity of the quenchant properties.

In addition the technological change and the requirements of the legislation as well as increas-ing efforts to reduce environmental pollutants and CO2 - emissions in the manufacturing pro-cess of parts and components leads to numerous efforts to establish production processes in a more energetically and environmentally friendly way.

The introduction of new materials for the parts, their reduction of weight and the increase of functionality in components becomes more relevant - resulting in parts of more sophisticated design and higher sensitivity to distortion.

This development also leads to increased requirements to the properties and quality of quenchants.

This presentation describes the liquid quenchants currently in use and shows up the new re-quirements and furthermore approaches in regard to the development of quenchants which are targeted to achieve these technical and environmental objectives.

Speaker Country Deutschland

Primary authors

Rainer BRAUN (BU) Mr Rainer SÜSS (BURGDORF GmbH & Co. KG) Mr Thomas SCHOLZ (BURGDORF GmbH & Co. KG)

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