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Vacuum heat treatment of Ti6Al4V alloy produced via SLM additive manufacturing

6 Sep 2022, 13:20
Room 1

Room 1

Oral Presentation Thermal and thermochemical treatment in additive manufacturing HEAT TREATMENT




One of the main advantages of additive manufacturing processes is the fabrication of near net shape components of complex shape. Among the materials that can be processed with this technique, the Ti6Al4V alloy has proved to be an excellent candidate in several application fields, including aerospace, biomedical and dental.
Several works are present in the technical and scientific literature describing the good properties of this material obtained through selective laser powder bed melting technology and highlighting the need for an effective melt pool protection systems to avoid contamination by harmful species, such as oxygen and nitrogen. Products made from this alloy, in the as-built state exhibit a non-neutral internal stress state that can lead to cracking or deformation. Due to the martensitic transformation undergone by the material during the process, the microstructure is also hard and brittle. Therefore, heat treatment is required to reduce the internal stress state and recover the ductility required under operating conditions. The high reactivity of Ti6Al4V even at this stage requires the use of a suitable shielding atmosphere or vacuum furnaces.
In this work, a study was conducted aimed at determining the correlations between heat treatment parameters and the microstructure, mechanical properties and deformations of some reference specimens made of Ti6Al4V. Heat treatments were performed in high vacuum varying the annealing temperature between 600°C and 1100°C and followed by cooling in Argon.
Finally, tensile tests were performed on specimens without any post-treatment surface finish to assess the influce of heat treatments on the mechanical properties of the samples.

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