5-8 September 2022
Wyndham Grand Salzburg Conference Center
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New laws and formulae for making steels more efficient

6 Sep 2022, 15:20
Room 3

Room 3

Oral Presentation New steels and their microstructure – properties relationship STEEL


Nori VSN MURTHY (Independent Research Scientist, India)


This paper presents new material laws and material formulae for development of safe, property-balanced, economical and efficient steels required for the entire manufacturing activity ranging from a safety-pin to spacecraft. These laws and formulae, called Nori Material Laws and Nori Material Formulae, will precisely balance the ductility and strength parameters of steels by using all the four fundamental mechanical properties like - ultimate tensile strength (T), yield strength (Y), reduction of area (R) and elongation (E) that are routinely obtained from the engineering stress-strain curve resulting from the globally standardized tensile test. Thus, the vast amount of data on T-Y-R-E currently available with the world is put to effective use for evaluation and balancing of mechanical properties. Hence, application of Nori Material Laws and Formulae does not call for generation of additional data that often demands huge investment of time and money. Work in this direction, hitherto unavailable, is found essential since various national and international material codes, standards, and steel manufacturers have been adopting different approaches, and providing steels whose mechanical properties are feebly balanced to support product economics. Further, the demand for efficient usage of steels is increasing along with the necessity for conservation of our rapidly depleting natural resources.

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Speaker Country India

Primary author

Nori VSN MURTHY (Independent Research Scientist, India)

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