5-8 September 2022
Wyndham Grand Salzburg Conference Center
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Climate change and loss of biodiversity raise new provocations on the materials science and surface engineering

7 Sep 2022, 16:55
Room 1

Room 1

Oral Presentation Environmental aspects in heat treatment and surface engineering HEAT TREATMENT


Zoltan KOLOZSVARY (Sapientia University, Tg.Mures)


The materials science, including surface engineering has to be seen in a new approach as well. Learning from the mother nature it may- and has- to contribute to the sustainability of the development on the Earth, to the decrease of the deleterious effects of the technical development on environment, to help to prevent the uncontrolled climate change and the loss of biodiversity on Earth.
The paper presents a few negative effects of the technical and industrial development on the sustainability of the planet Earth and -certainly- on the human life on our planet. All the developments, scientific research have to consider the environmental aspects as well and have to act in the direction of sustainability of the natural world. We have to learn to reduce the trash and to develop reusable materials and without deleterious effect on the nature -and at the end of the day- at the human life on Earth. The new orientation should also be considered in the activities of IFHTSE as a world organization dealing with specific aspects of materials science with specific orientation on heat treatment and surface engineering.

Speaker Country Romania

Primary author

Zoltan KOLOZSVARY (Sapientia University, Tg.Mures)

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