5-8 September 2022
Wyndham Grand Salzburg Conference Center
Europe/Vienna timezone

Decarbonization plan for conventional heat-treatment facilities : CO2 contributors assessment, neutrality targets, levers and actions plan

7 Sep 2022, 16:30
Room 1

Room 1

Oral Presentation Energy savings (process optimization, CO2-reduction, hydrogen) HEAT TREATMENT


Valerie WOIMBEE (Faurecia Forvia)


Keyword : decarbonization, Heat-treatment, CO2 calculation, CO2 reduction, energy saving

Forvia is the new entity gathering the French automotive supplier Faurecia and German Hella, involved in an ambitious plan to reach carbon neutrality : 2025 for internal operations and 2050 for all operations. Heat-treatment facilities are one major contributor to CO2 exhaustion in a classical plant, gathering all operation from raw material to final product, like cutting, welding, assembling... Actually, most process are based on the cracking of an alcohol, providing chemical reactions among molecules of CO, CO2, H2, O2 …. Resulting CO2 exhausting can be calculated from the chemical reactive equilibrium, details about calculation are given. Resulting CO2 footprint is given either for one furnace or one part, per kilogram.
Comparison with the last generation of low pressure heat-treatment is made on the same level of heat-treatment parameters. Beside process change, levers to reduce CO2 exhaustion is possible to a certain extent by modifying some technical points on the furnace. The balance between CO2 exhaustion resulting on one hand from the gas reaction supplying the furnace atmospher and the other hand from electricity consumed for the heating, is depending on the electricity production source. Each country can’t act the same way. All over Europe, the situation is to be approached according to local situation.
As a conclusion, the different alternates to reduce CO2 can be correlated to the cost of energy on one side, and the forecasted cost of one ton of CO2, in the years coming. Scenarios may vary according to the weighting of both insights.

Speaker Country France

Primary author

Valerie WOIMBEE (Faurecia Forvia)

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