13-14 June 2022
Schönbrunn Palace/Apothekertrakt
Europe/Vienna timezone


13 Jun 2022, 16:30
Schönbrunn Palace/Apothekertrakt

Schönbrunn Palace/Apothekertrakt

Apothekertrakt Schönbrunn, Meidlinger Tor, Grünbergstraße, 1130 Vienna


Dominique Thierry (French Corrosion Institute)


Zinc and zinc alloyed coated steel are widely used in the automotive and construction industries. Although these materials provide good corrosion protection under atmospheric weathering conditions it is important to monitor the corrosion rate in-situ and in real time for various applications. Different monitoring techniques have been developed during the last decades. The presentation will first review the progress in monitoring atmospheric corrosion for zinc and zinc alloyed coated steel. Example of use of corrosion sensors based on either electrical resistance or electrochemical measurements will be given under various exposure conditions (e.g. cyclic corrosion tests, exposure at atmospheric field station, mobile exposure on vehicle). From the results, it is possible to better understand the atmospheric corrosion of zinc in particular the effect of different climatic parameters such as chloride deposition, temperature and relative humidity. It is also shown that the galvanic sensor may also be used to evaluate the current demand at cut edges of galvanized steel. These sensors should also allow the design of reliable and realistic corrosion tests for different industrial applications and provide a better understanding of the atmospheric corrosion of zinc.

Best Paper Winner Dominique Thierry, French Corrosion Institute, will present highlights from his Galvatech 2021 paper "Recent Advance in Corrosion Monitoring of Atmospheric Corrosion of Galvanised Steel and Zinc Alloyed Coated Steel". Selected highlights from other Galvatech 2021 papers on advances in our understanding of corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement will also be summarized.

Each session will start with the 20 minute lecture, followed by a 20 minute panel discussion. This will be followed by 10 minutes of general discussion and a short break before beginning the next session.

Primary author

Dominique Thierry (French Corrosion Institute)


Bo Rendahl (RISE Research Institute of Sweden) Dr Erwan Diler (French corrosion institute) Johan Becker (French Corrosion Institute)

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