Electrometallurgical steelmaking by Molten Oxide Electrolysis

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Oral Presentation New technologies under research and development with a promise to change the future (H2 based, in-bath technologies etc.)


Dr Alexander Fleischanderl (Primetals Technologies Austria GmbH)


To achieve the ambitious goal set by the Paris Climate Action members for CO2 reduction to achieve minimum 80% emission reduction by latest 2050, radical changes to current production technologies for iron and steel are required. More and more governments worldwide demand carbon-neutral production routes for the heavy industries. One of the visionary innovations is based on the unique and carbon-free direct steelmaking with Molten Oxide Electrolysis (MOE) which is under development by Boston Metal in cooperation with Primetals Technologies. Ultimate target of the MOE process is to reduce the fed iron oxide by “green” electrons instead utilizing carbon-based fuels. MOE utilizes a DC powered electrolysis cell with an inert anode/cathode system. The only products from the process are liquid metal and the by-products electrolyte (slag) and oxygen. The paper describes the process of the MOE technology, the current development status and an outlook to first industrial demonstrations.
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Primary authors

Dr Adam Rauwerdink (Boston Metal) Dr Alexander Fleischanderl (Primetals Technologies Austria GmbH) Dr Rich Bradshaw (Boston Metal) Mr Thomas Kuehas (Primetals Technologies Austria GmbH)

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