Enhancing integrated steel plant strategic planning - a status update for the m.simtop process integration platform

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Oral Presentation Plant management and economics


Dr Bernd Weiss (Primetals Technologies GmbH)


Iron and steel making requires a wide range of different raw materials significantly influencing process performance which demands a continuous optimisation of process routes also with respect to energy efficiency as well as environmental emissions. Steadily changing raw material prices and qualities, market situations and product variations are challenging integrated steel plant operators in production planning and cost optimization. Primetals decided to develop a comprehensive metallurgical flow sheet model library for simulation and optimization of integrated steel plants. Intensive development efforts were taken in order to migrate existing well established calculation and engineering routines as well as integrate newly developed models. The generated model library enables the setup of mass and energy balances for integrated steel plants, development and evaluation of new process concepts as well as investigations on impacts of raw material changes and trace material distributions. By using this process integration platform, it is possible to compare different iron and steelmaking routes within one standardized environment. In this publication an insight will be given on the competence of mSIMTOP in depicting integrated steel plant operation, enhance raw material planning, show the effect of new raw materials and new internal recycles on realistic examples.
Speaker Country Austria

Primary author

Dr Bernd Weiss (Primetals Technologies GmbH)


Mr Johannes Niel (TU Vienna) Dr Walter Wukovits (TU Vienna)

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