Addition of DRI/HBI to the Blast Furnace – A Technology to Overcome Top Temperature Limits and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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Oral Presentation DRI as an alternative raw material for iron and steelmaking (applications in blast furnace, EAF etc.)


Mr Ian Cameron (Hatch Ltd.) Dr Mitren Sukhram (Hatch Ltd.)


Addition of DRI to blast furnaces has known benefits for increasing productivity and decreasing coke rate. DRI additions to the blast furnace have been revisited to reduce blast furnace CO2 emissions. Carbon taxes may motivate DRI additions to reduce CO2 emissions. Technology changes are needed to overcome the challenges of low top gas temperature. We estimate the maximum amount of DRI that can be added to a blast furnace operation and the related carbon dioxide savings. We consider hot N2 injection to the mid-stack to increase top gas temperature to allow for higher DRI additions.
Speaker Country Canada

Primary authors

Mr Ian Cameron (Hatch Ltd.) Dr Mitren Sukhram (Hatch Ltd.)


Mr Don Tu (Hatch Ltd.) Ms Janice Bolen (Hatch Ltd.)

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