17-19 October 2023
WKO Vienna
Europe/Vienna timezone

Innovative tempering methods for demanding production processes enabled by additive manufacturing

19 Oct 2023, 09:30
1. Julius Raab Saal (WKO)

1. Julius Raab Saal


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Armin Wiedenegger (voestalpine Additive Manufacturing Center)


Additive manufacturing offers broad potential for cooling and heating molds or components. Well-balanced, near-contour temperature control channels were only the first step. Modern concepts should be highly energy efficient, meaning both reduction of the component's carbon footprint and optimization of the production process. These can include multi-material solutions (e.g. copper/steel), lightweight construction or functionally integrated heat pipes. Other functions such as venting or integrated sensors are elementary components of a next-generation AM component.

Speaker Country Germany

Primary author

Armin Wiedenegger (voestalpine Additive Manufacturing Center)

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