Conference on Abrasion Wear Resistant Cast Iron And Forged Steel For Rolling and Pulverizing Mills – ABRASION 2024

from Sunday, 8 September 2024 (10:00) to Tuesday, 10 September 2024 (17:40)
Wyndham Grand Salzburg Conference Center

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8 Sep 2024
9 Sep 2024
10 Sep 2024
08:30 --- Opening Ceremony ---
Plenary Talk (until 09:40) (Room Wolfgangsee)
09:00 Challenges of European Roll Foundries in the Near Future - Mr Michael Brandner (Eisenwerk Sulzau Werfen R&E Weinberger AG)   (Room Wolfgangsee)
1st Session (until 10:30) (Room: Wolfgangsee)
09:40 Effects of Copper and Molybdenum on Isothermal Transformation of High Chromium Cast Iron - Dr Jatupon Opapaiboon (Chulalongkorn University)   (Room: Wolfgangsee)
10:05 Effect of Combined Addition of Molybdenum and Tungsten on Continuous Cooling Transformation Behavior of High Chromium Cast Iron - Prof. Kaoru Yamamoto (Department of Materials System Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Kurume College, )   (Room: Wolfgangsee)
10:30 --- Coffee Break ---
2nd Session (until 11:50) (Room: Wolfgangsee)
11:00 Effect of Carbon Balance on Microstructure and Abrasive Wear Resistance of Multi-component White Cast Iron for Steel Hot Work Roll Applications - Prof. Sudsakorn Inthidech (Department of Manufacturing Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Mahasarakham University)   (Room: Wolfgangsee)
11:25 Effect of cerium-based inoculant addition on the development of microstructure and mechanical properties of centrifugally cast high-speed steel - Anže Šuc (Valji d.o.o.)   (Room: Wolfgangsee)
11:50 --- Lunch ---
Plenary Talk (until 09:40) (Room Wolfgangsee)
09:00 Wear and Thermal-fatigue corrosion behaviour of Indefinite Chill Irons and Graphitic High Speed Steel for rolls - Massimo Pellizzari (University of Trento, Dpt. Industrial Engineering)   (Room Wolfgangsee)
5th Session (until 10:30) (Room Wolfgangsee)
09:40 Influence of roll cooling water composition on surface degradation - Sebastien Flament (CRM)   (Room Wolfgangsee)
10:05 Oxidation Behaviour and Thermomechanical Fatigue of Roughing Mill Work Rolls - Dr Kai Fota (Gontermann-Peipers GmbH)   (Room Wolfgangsee)
10:30 --- Coffee Break ---
6th Session (until 11:50) (Room Wolfgangsee)
11:00 Wear of Cylinders in Tractive Rolling Contact and Implications for Modeling Back Up Roll Wear in Steel Cold Rolling Mills - Derk Jan Wentink (Tata Steel)   (Room Wolfgangsee)
11:25 Contact fatigue as dominant mechanisms for BUR degradation in cold and temper rolling mills: on-site and laboratory investigations - Sebastien Flament (CRMGroup)   (Room Wolfgangsee)
11:50 --- Lunch ---
16:00 --- Registration ---
18:00 --- Welcome Reception ---
3rd Session (until 14:45) (Room Wolfgangsee)
13:30 Carbide Types and Quantity: Impacts on surface finish and wear characteristics in graphitic shell materials for rolls in hot rolling applications - Michael Aigner (ESW - Eisenwerk Sulzau Werfen)   (Room Wolfgangsee)
13:55 Development of Newly Designed Materials for Coiler Roll in Hot Strip Mill - Mr Akio Sonoda (Fujico Co., Ltd.)   (Room Wolfgangsee)
14:20 High Temperature Abrasive Wear Performance of High Chromium White Cast Irons with Different Carbon Percentages - Mohammad Jobayer Huq (Muroran Institute of Technology)   (Room Wolfgangsee)
14:45 --- Coffee Break ---
4th Session (until 16:05) (Room Wolfgangsee)
15:15 High-Temperature Abrasive Wear Behaviors of Multi-Component White Cast Irons - Dr Kenta Kusumoto (Muroran Institute of Technology)   (Room Wolfgangsee)
15:40 Experimental study on the wear behavior of rolls used for straightening of steel tubes - Prof. Josef Domitner (Graz University of Technology)   (Room Wolfgangsee)
16:05 --- Delegate Meeting ---
17:00 --- Sightseeing Walking Tour from Wyndham Grand Salzburg Conference Center to "Restaurant Stiegl Keller" ---
18:00 --- Conference Dinner-Restaurant "Stiegl-Keller" Salzburg ---
7th Session (until 14:20) (Room Wolfgangsee)
13:30 Investigating & Understanding Hot Mill Roll Failures at Tata Steel India - UDAY SHANKER GOEL (TATA STEEL INDIA)   (Room Wolfgangsee)
13:55 Understanding the microstructure evolution during Laser Metal Deposition of HSS M4 obtained from various building strategies, through thermal modelling, and both microstructural and mechanical characterizations - Dr Jérôme Tchoufang Tchuindjang (University of Liege)   (Room Wolfgangsee)
14:20 --- Coffee Break ---
8th Session (until 15:15) (Room Wolfgangsee)
14:50 Characterization of a wear resistant 316L+WC Metal Matrix Composite processed by Laser Cladding - Mr Olivier Dedry (University of Liege) Dr Jérôme Tchoufang Tchuindjang (University of Liege)   (Room Wolfgangsee)
15:15 --- Closing Ceremony ---